iPhone / iPad Blackjack Apps

Blackjack players that want to play on their iPad or iPhone will have a much easier time compared to Windows or Blackberry users. Most casinos that offer mobile have apps or optimized websites for iOS. Those that don't only have Android, and I don't think you could expect that they wouldn't add iOS in the near future. That would be like the casinos saying that they don't like money. And we all know that's not the case.

So what you're going to find below is information on how to play blackjack on your iPhone or iPad. First I'll get started with how to find the best iOS casinos. And below that I'll explain the process you need to go through to get started.

The Top Real Money Casinos for iOS Blackjack Players

Since there are more casinos for iPhone and iPad users compared to devices like the Windows phone, Blackberry or Playbook, I think the standards for what's considered the "best" is, or should be, higher.

I think there are some casinos that have hit that mark. So I think it would be a good idea to share what exactly it is that the best mobile casinos do. That way you know what to look for, and at the very least, how to rate your current casino.

  • They accept US customers. There are only a couple of casinos that accept American players and have apps for iOS. I expect this to change in the future. But for now it's an angle that casinos can play to attract more customers.
  • More than one blackjack game. Many casinos' game lineup is still on the short side. They might have 5 or 10 games to choose from, and of that is one blackjack app. The best mobile casinos will have more, and they'll be variations of blackjack.
  • Live dealer blackjack. I've seen one, maybe two casinos that have live dealer blackjack for the iPad. This. Is. Awesome. I haven't seen it (yet) for any other mobile device.

Those are the things that I think help casinos with iOS apps really stand out. It puts other casinos in a position to either step it up, or be ok with mediocrity.

How to Play Blackjack on the iPhone and iPad

Getting started is simple, and should be similar in most cases between the iPhone and iPad.

If you're one your phone I recommend just visiting the casino. They'll redirect you to their mobile page and from there you'll find out if you can install the app from their website or app store, or if you can just log-in to the Flash casino and play right away. Any way you go it should only take a few minutes.

From your desktop you can visit the casino and either fill out a form or scan a QR code. On the form you'll enter in your phone number, device, country and game you want to play, and they'll send the details to your phone. If you go the QR code route, you'll scan the code and the game will download to your phone.

Once you have the game loaded/installed you'll want to make a deposit if you haven't already. This is identical to making a deposit from your desktop, just miniaturized. Click the deposit tab, choose your banking method, fill out your details and hit submit.

The next step is to choose your game -- blackjack. The games will be identical to what you see online, in terms of how to play, the rules, process, etc. The only difference you'll notice is how the screen is setup. Since there is less room to work with (at least on the iPhone), options like choosing what to bet or when to stand/hit will only appear as needed. That way the only thing that takes up screen space (100% of the time) is the background and your cards.

iPhone and iPad Blackjack - Costs and Privacy

A concern for many iOS blackjack players is the cost associated with playing, as well as the privacy and how it may differ from playing online from a desk or laptop computer. I want to cover both of those things now.

The only costs that you should have is whatever you set aside to play blackjack with, assuming you're playing for real money. If you're not playing for real money then there shouldn't be anything to worry about. The apps are free.

However, the one exception is if you decide to play in public or while on the road. In this case you might spend extra money on data charges. Online casinos have to constantly relay data back and forth, which your carrier will charge you for. Either you'll have to pay for your data plan, pay for overages (if you exceed your data plan) or you'll end up paying for data on an individual Mb/Gb basis. So if you plan to play regularly from your phone or tablet, I recommend having a data plan, as that's the most cost effective of the 3 outcomes. Get more than you think you need to, too, and then scale back if you find that you're not using it all.

In terms of privacy, the casinos use the same type of technology for their mobile platforms that they do for their casinos. This is the same type of encryption and firewall technology that banks use. So you can feel good knowing that your information and banking details are safe.

From there it's up to you. I recommend playing on a safe and secured connection at all times, especially in public. I would also strongly suggest that you lock your phone with a password, change all passwords often and never save your log-in or password information for the casino to your phone. That way all of your bases are covered.