New Jersey Blackjack

New Jersey is a state very flexible with blackjack rules. The state allows casinos to deal a wide range of games. Depending on the game the house edge may be between 0.33% for a 3:2 double deck game and 1.93% for an 8-deck 6:5 game.

Casinos in New Jersey may offer a variety of side bets that pay 2:1. These bets include when a player receives six, seven and eight of the same suit, a specific combination of an Ace and Face cards, and five cards totaling 21.

As previously mentioned, the state allows both 3:2 and 6:5 payouts when dealt a natural blackjack. Here are other New Jersey blackjack rules:

  • Natural blackjack must be paid 3-to-2 or 6-to-5
  • Casinos do not have to offer surrender
  • Player may double down only on a 9, 10, or 11
  • Player may only one split
  • Player may double after splitting (not required for all games)
  • Dealer stays on soft 17

New Jersey has more extensive rules for casinos dealing blackjack than most states. You can read them here beginning at page 46.

Casinos In New Jersey Dealing Blackjack

Visit for information on New Jersey online casinos that offer online blackjack.

Table Game/Blackjack Revenue in New Jersey

New Jersey is very transparent with their gaming revenue. All games, including blackjack, are broken down monthly and annually by casino and state. Each game includes a win percentage for added clarity on the data.

2016 New Jersey Blackjack Revenue
Drop: $1,690,381,122
Win: $252,591,008
Win Percentage: 14.9%

2015 New Jersey Blackjack Revenue
Drop: $1,744,852,464
Win: $240,702,765
Win Percentage: 13.8%

You can view all New Jersey annual casino win data here. Visit the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement for more information on casinos around the state.

History of Blackjack New Jersey

New Jersey has a long history with gambling that goes back to the 1800’s. However, casino gambling became a reality in 1976. That’s the year that casinos were legalized in New Jersey. However, casinos were limited to Atlantic City only.

The first casino to deal blackjack in Atlantic City was Resorts. At the time, Nevada was the only other state with legal casino gambling. There are currently seven brick and mortar casinos in Atlantic City dealing blackjack. The could change in the future with casinos on the Atlantic Ocean re-opening or expansion in other New Jersey cities.

Online gambling was legalized throughout the state in 2013. Players in New Jersey can now play blackjack without visiting a physical casino.