5 Simple Tips For New Blackjack Players

The odds are good that a new player won’t be ready to count cards the first time sitting at a blackjack table. In fact, most blackjack players will never count cards. The vast majority of blackjack players want to have fun playing the game while keeping mistakes to a minimum and possibly winning a few bucks.

Everyone visiting a casino wants to win. Some just take winning a bit more seriously than others. If you’re new to blackjack or just want to be a better player here are some tips for you:

Learn The Rules Before You Play

Blackjack isn’t a difficult game but it does take some skill. Learn the rules before you play the game. It may sound simple, but not everyone sits down knowing something as simple as what being dealt a natural blackjack is. Knowing something as simple as a natural blackjack allows you to understand the difference in blackjack rules, payouts, house edge, etc. What’s the saying “You have to crawl before you can walk?”

Learn Basic Strategy

While you’re learning blackjack rules, you might want to learn basic strategy before sitting down. If you haven’t learned blackjack strategy, you can alway purchase or print out a card with the strategy before hitting the tables. It’s legal to use this information at the blackjack table. Playing blackjack with basic strategy is the easiest way to get the most out of the money you’re risking at the table. It will also head off commentary from know it all players at the table.

Understand The Table Rules

Not all blackjack tables are the same. Blackjack games in casinos today may have different rules configurations. This makes it unlike most other games in the casino. Here are the rules to look for to get the lowest house edge:

  • Natural blackjack payout: Always look for a 3:2 payout. Other payouts you may see are 6:5 and even. Avoid those games if possible.
  • Number of decks: Fewer decks is better.
  • Soft 17: You want the dealer to stand on soft 17 for a lower house edge. Unfortunately, most blackjack games in casinos have the dealer hit on soft 17.
  • Splitting: The more splitting options when you’re dealt the same two cards the better. You’d like to double after splitting the same two cards. You’d also like to re-split Aces if possible.
  • Doubling: You want to be able to double on any two cards.

Manage Expectations

We all want to win when gambling. Unfortunately, the casino still has the house edge even if we play the best game with perfect basic strategy. There are highs and lows when playing blackjack. All gambling can be more fun when you understand that there will be some losing sessions in between the good sessions.

You’re Never Done Learning

Even experienced blackjack players could use a refresher on how to play. Blackjack strategy might change a little as rules are tweaked. You might want to learn how to count cards. A long time between blackjack sessions may affect your memory of basic strategy.

There are numerous reasons you want to sharpen your blackjack skills. I use a mobile app to keep my game sharp but you can practice online. You may choose to just read the strategy charts to keep your mind in shape. Blackjack isn’t a difficult game, but it does take some skill. Stay sharp.