Get To Know Playboy Bonus Blackjack

Playboy isn’t a new name to casinos. There have been various slot machines themed with the Playboy brand over the years. In fact, there’s a new Playboy slot machine featuring Pitbull called “Don’t Stop The Party” in casinos today. Thanks to Scientific Games, the Playboy brand is the first to make the jump from slot machines to electronic table games.

Playboy Bonus Blackjack was first introduced at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in 2015. Finally, the first branded electronic table game is finally in casinos. This video blackjack game by Scientific Games and ShuffleMaster features four different Playboy Playmate dealers. Playboy Bonus Blackjack is available in casinos around the country. Las Vegas visitors can find the blackjack game at The Mirage, MGM Grand, Cosmopolitan, and the Westgate.

The game utilizes the Table Master Fusion system. It plays similar to other electronic blackjack games you may see in casinos. What makes this game unique is that you have a video of famous Playboy Playmates dealing the cards and a new side wager called the Playboy Bonus Bet.

Playboy Bonus Blackjack has three side bets, including the first-ever slot machine-style community bonus feature for an electronic table game. This bonus bet sends all active players into a unique community bonus round together. The Playboy bonus round will trigger when the dealer’s first two cards are a colored pair, regardless of the outcome during the base game.

After the base blackjack game play is complete, players who wager on the Playboy Bonus Progressive side bet are prompted to choose a lucky Playmate as their mystery multiplier. The Bonus game continues with a pyramid pick’em round that will possibly lead to one of three progressive tiers – the Playboy Mansion Bonus, the Playboy Grotto Bonus, or the VIP Bonus. Each player will play the pick ‘em style pyramid game. If a player selects an arrow, they move up towards the progressive games. Otherwise, the player will win the credits revealed under the box(es) times the multiplier from the Playmate.

If you play electronic blackjack games frequently you may be familiar with other bonus bets. You may be familiar with the Royal Match and Bet The Set side bet options from other electronic and stadium games offered by Scientific Games and Shufflemaster.

These electronic table games often appeal to blackjack players who are new to gambling or prefer playing slot machines. Players may be intimidated by other players, higher limits, or dealers. Playboy Bonus Blackjack will appeal to a certain slot machine player that enjoys the gamification of the table game. The progressive bonus will appeal to anyone looking for a potentially large win.

This video blackjack game can be set to pay either 3:2 or 6:5 when a player is dealt a natural blackjack. Since this game is intended for recreational gamblers, expect that you’ll find rules that are tilted in favor of the casino. Here’s a quick tutorial on Playboy Bonus Blackjack learn more about in the video below.