Poolside Blackjack And Swim Up Blackjack In Las Vegas

The summer is here and that means it’s time to hit the pool. One of the great amenities offered to gamblers in Las Vegas over the years has been outdoor blackjack. Most casinos offer poolside blackjack and a few even offer swim-up blackjack where you actually play while in the pool.

Playing blackjack outside is one of the most fun ways to gamble in Las Vegas. The word fun is an important point here. These blackjack games are intended for recreational blackjack players. Serious gamblers looking for the blackjack games with the lowest house edge shouldn’t even consider these games as an option.

Casinos offering blackjack games by the pools in Las Vegas isn’t a new concept. However, the casinos that offer these games come and go as management changes. The majority of Las Vegas casinos that offer poolside and swim-up blackjack have offered it for at least a few years.

Where To Find Poolside Blackjack And Swim Up Blackjack In Las Vegas

You’ll find poolside blackjack at the following casino pools:

  • Cosmopolitan
  • Downtown Grand
  • Encore
  • Flamingo
  • Golden Nugget
  • Hard Rock
  • Mandalay Bay
  • Plaza
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Red Rock
  • Wynn Las Vegas

You’ll find swim-up blackjack at the following casino pools:

  • Caesars Palace
  • Tropicana

Poolside Blackjack And Swim Up Blackjack Rules

Playing blackjack outside is a unique and fun experience. Much like party pits and other specialized gambling areas inside the casino these blackjack rules aren’t the most player friendly. Most, if not all, poolside blackjack and swim-up blackjack games pay 6:5 when you’re dealt a natural blackjack. The house edge in the best 6:5 blackjack games is greater than 1.5%.

The house edge in 6:5 blackjack games can be greater than 2.3%. Using basic strategy with these game can only help you so much. These rules aren’t just for outdoor blackjack games. Walking through some of the larger Vegas Strip casinos shows that the average person playing blackjack doesn’t care much about the house edge. Tables are packed almost every night of the week.

Gamblers at the pool typically don’t mind the poor blackjack rules because they’re more concerned with the outdoor environment and how quickly the next drink will arrive. As we’ve discussed before there are plenty of bets in the casino with a worse house edge for these gamblers.

Blackjack Games At Marquee Dayclub At The Cosmopolitan

There’s only so much a casino can do to differentiate their poolside blackjack games. Most outdoor blackjack games have a similar feel. However, there’s one particular game that might stand above the rest if you’re looking for a serious party.

Marquee Dayclub at the Cosmopolitan offers poolside blackjack during the day on weekends. They also have poolside blackjack at night when the club is open on Friday, Saturday, and Monday nights. There aren’t many better pool party environments in Las Vegas than Marquee Dayclub. Blackjack makes every party better.

Who Should PlayPoolside Blackjack Or Swim Up Blackjack?

These blackjack games are not intended for serious gamblers. They’re simply another activity for casino guests to enjoy when in the pool area. The blackjack environment is loose and the games are fun if you buy in with the understanding that you’re not playing the best blackjack in Las Vegas. These blackjack games can be a fun way to spend an hour or so outside in the fresh air if you manage your expectations.