Video Blackjack Is Becoming Worse And More Popular At The Same Time

Video blackjack is an electronic table game version of blackjack. These are the blackjack machines with the large video screens located on the slot floor and near the table games. This kind of blackjack game has become popular, in part, with casinos and players because there isn’t a human dealer. Casinos can offer a game with lower overhead while players can enjoy a more relaxed game since there’s no pressure from a dealer.

Popularity Of Video Blackjack

The popularity of video blackjack and stadium blackjack is growing with recreational players. However, the game is falling out of favor with the advanced players who helped keep these blackjack games on casino floors when they were new.

Advanced blackjack players enjoyed this version of blackjack because of the relatively small house edge for a low limits game. There also isn’t a pit boss sweating every hand dealt. These games are usually available from $1 to $5 per hand. Every video blackjack game used to pay 3:2 for a natural blackjack and feature other player friendly rules.

Rules Are Getting Worse…

Today, players are looking a the proliferation of video blackjack games with a 6:5 payout for blackjack. Players are even beginning to see other poor blackjack rules usually reserved by casinos for the low limits tables. In Las Vegas, there are a few video blackjack games that pay even money for a natural blackjack and have a house edge nearing 3% (2.82% to be exact).

…Yet The Game Seems To Be More Popular Than Ever

Even with a few bad machines, these video blackjack games are in demand more than ever with players. Casino operators all over the country are shifting their lower limits games to video blackjack games. The $5-$10 blackjack games have smaller margins than higher limits. Casin operators are always looking for a way to cut expenses. Video blackjack is leading the way.

Older players may miss the live dealers but younger players see it differently. Having grown up with technology, some younger players see machines as more efficient and less intrusive than humans. This holds true in fast food restaurants and in the casino. Not coincidentally, younger sports bettors have been keen to adopt sports wagering apps and the newer sports wagering kiosks.

It may come as a surprise that video blackjack games appeal to slot machine players even more than the table game players. Slot machine players tend to be less social than table game players. The video blackjack games are a nice meeting point for the two gamblers. The games are still social but not as much as a blackjack game with a live dealer. If nothing else, the dealer will interact with the players. That can be a bit much for some players that just want to play the game.

Slot machines and video blackjack reward players in the same manner. If the game accepts a casino players club card points will be rewarded the same for slot machines and video blackjack. This could be to the benefit of the player in two ways. First, computers are more accurate than humans so players always receive the appropriate amount of points. Second, table games in some casinos will require a $25 minimum wager to be rated. This rating may not come with both tier and reward credits.

Expect More Video Blackjack On Casino Floors

Casino and player preference will lead to more video blackjack on casino floors. These game may never replace games with dealers. However, these game will replace some of the traditional games. You should already notice fewer low limits blackjack tables in your local casino.