Sands Bethlehem Now Offering Live Dealer Blackjack Stadium Gaming

Sands Bethlehem recently revealed a new Live Dealer Stadium Blackjack game. This is a hybrid of live blackjack and video stadium blackjack. Live Dealer Blackjack Stadium Gaming allows multiple players to sit at one touchscreen that connects two live blackjack tables at once. Players view live outcomes from each available game on their own screen.

The hybrid gaming experience lets knowledgeable players and novices wager concurrently on up to two games at once. This allows them to play side by side without disturbing the other player’s cards and experience. Each player’s decision to stand or hit will only affect their hand. Of course, each hand offers multiple side bets. The minimum wager for this game is $5.

“Live Dealer Blackjack Stadium Gaming is an exciting new addition that offers players a customized and action-packed experience,” said Brian Carr, president and chief operating officer of Sands Bethlehem. “With the ability to play two games at once and a $5 minimum, this offering will give our guests an exciting new way to play one of the world’s most popular casino games.”

Similar live dealer Stadium Games are available for baccarat and roulette at Sands Bethlehem. Stadium Gaming has been popular in Asia for a couple of years. This kind of gambling is just getting off the ground in the United States. It seems as though there are installations popping up at casinos around the country every week.

This addition comes a year after Sands Bethlehem announced the arrival of Live Dealer Stadium Gaming to its property. Sands Bethlehem is now home to the nation’s largest live Electronic Table Games (ETG) installation. There can be up to 150 people playing blackjack, baccarat, and/or roulette at the same time. There are 44 seats that are dedicated specifically to blackjack.

It’s probably not a coincidence that The Venetian in Las Vegas (owned by Sands) has both Live Dealer Blackjack Stadium Gaming for blackjack and baccarat. The Venetian offers a similar $5 blackjack game with a 6:5 payout for a natural blackjack. You can read more about Stadium Blackjack and the blackjack game offered at The Venetian here.

Visit to learn more about Sands Stadium Gaming rules for all games. You can find Pennsylvania blackjack rules for Stadium Gaming at Sands Bethlehem here.