Online Blackjack US

USA Casinos with BlackjackPlaying blackjack in the United States is readily available in many states including Las Vegas Nevada, California, PennsylvaniaColorado, Florida, New Jersey, OklahomaMaryland and more!

Online blackjack in the United states is a much different story. There are only two states that offer legal online blackjack: New Jersey and Delaware.

There are a few states that are looking to legalize the activity online including Pennsylvania, Michigan and Massachusetts. Pennsylvania is currently the farthest along but still has a ways to go. While other states have looking into it and lawmakers have introduced bills, your best bet is to go to a casino and play live blackjack (since it’s likely 6 months to 2 years away).

Questions About Playing Blackjack Online in the USA

The topic of gambling online stirs up a lot of confusion, thus a lot of questions. We receive emails regularly from players wanting to know if it’s legal to play blackjack online, where they should play, what deposit options to use and a whole lot more. Instead of replying to each person individually, and repeating ourselves over and over again, we thought it’d be helpful to everyone to post those questions and answers here.

Can You Play Blackjack Legally in the United States?

At this time, there are three states with legal online gambling: New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada.

New Jersey and Delaware offer online blackjack while Nevada only offers online poker.

Are Online Blackjack Casinos Safe?

Yes, where it’s legally regulated (New Jersey and Delaware) it’s as safe as it would be to walk into a brick and mortar casino. .

To anticipate another question, let me tell you what makes up a safe casino and how to find one.

I Am Not in a State with Legal Online Gambling, How Can I Play Online Blackjack?

You can play our free blackjack game that offers a leaderboard, badges and even allows you to card count! You can also play at any of the social casino game found on Facebook.

Are There Any Risks to Playing real money Blackjack Online?

Absolutely. You have your general risks that come with gambling, and then there are additional risks that come with gambling online. Here are some to give you an idea of what I mean:

  • You can become addicted to gambling.
  • You can (or will) lose money.
  • If you gamble illegally it’s possible that you’re arrested and charged with a crime. This can be a misdemeanor or a felony.
  • Not everyone agrees with gambling. You could very well alienate people you know.

The biggest risk — or most common — is losing money in one way or another. But if you set boundaries for yourself and choose a good casino, then your risks should be kept to a minimum.

Why Can’t I Play at Bet365 or 888?

888 Casino is now availabe in the United States in New Jersey and Delaware. Casino doesn’t operate in the USA. After the UIGEA bill went into affect those sites pulled out of the US market in fear of punishment and backlash from the Department of Justice, and more importantly, their shareholders. So they played it safe, pulled out and decided to just service Canadian and European players, and surrounding markets.

Other sites that aren’t in the US probably just decided it wasn’t worthwhile.