High Payout Blackjack Casinos

High Paying Blackjack CasinosMy opinion is that when someone thinks about playing online blackjack with the best payouts, they immediately go to the casino with the overall highest payout, or maybe the game with the best odds.

That’s ok. It’s not a bad approach. Those two things definitely have an impact on the payouts you’ll receive playing blackjack. However, there are plenty of other variables, too. Things like insurance, game rules, payouts for hands and even deposit bonuses. If you’d like to know more about what can affect your payouts, I recommend reading our top 10 list below.

For everyone else, what you’ll find below are our top picks for casinos with the best payouts for blackjack. Just take your pick, click the link and get started today.

10 Ways to Getting More Frequent and Higher Payouts in Blackjack

You wouldn’t think that there’s much you can do about what the casinos pay you. But you can. In fact, you could argue that your payouts, or lack thereof, fall on your shoulders.

How’s that?

Well, it’s up to you to take the time to find casinos with the best odds, games, bonuses, rules and so on. That’s your responsibility. These things aren’t hard to find or do, either. Here, I’ll show you. Below are 10 easy things you can do or look for that will enable you to take control of the payouts you receive in blackjack, and ensure that they’re as high as they can be.

1. Avoid 6-5 Games

One of the easiest ways to ensure you’re getting the highest payouts possible in blackjack is to avoid the games that payout 6:5 for a blackjack. The 6:5 games only pay out $1.20 for every $1 wagered, whereas you’re paid $1.50 in 3:2 games.

That might not look like a big difference, but it’s important to view it over the long run. Play 10 hands and you’re costing yourself $3. You could play 100 hands over the course of 1-2 hours, which means you could be out $30, on average, just like that.

2. Avoid Insurance (Unless You’re Counting Cards)

Insurance is a suckers bet. You’re getting paid 2:1 on your bet if the dealer has a blackjack. However, the odds of the 10-point cards to non-10-point cards aren’t close to 2:1 — in a single deck they’re about 9:4. So over time you will lose money. Just to further make my point the house edge is between 5.8 and 7.5 percent depending on the number of decks in play.

The one exception — the only exception — is if you’re counting cards. You’ll then have a better idea of when you should take insurance (when the deck is rich with tens). The problem is that you can’t count cards online, therefore I don’t think you’ll ever find yourself in a situation where it makes sense (to take insurance).

3. Find Casinos With Higher-Than-Average Payout Percentages

Each casino will have a different overall payout for their casino. Most casinos will be above 95 percent or so. But there are casinos that are almost 99 percent. This isn’t just blackjack, of course, so the difference you see in the blackjack games will be miniscule. But it all adds up.

4. Avoid Side Bets

Blackjack side bets often have worse odds than the games themselves. For example, the Super Sevens bet has a 12.6 house edge. The Bet the Set progressive has a house edge of 27.74 percent. The Lucky Ladies bet has a house edge of 24.7 percent. Why play these side bets when, without basic strategy, you can play with a house edge of 6-9%? It’s like you want to give money away.

5. Choose Casinos With Better Odds / Payouts

It’s not common, but I have noticed that casinos with identical games and rules will sometimes have better/worse payouts than others. It’s usually two casinos that have different software providers. Once again, this is one of those little differences (like 6:5 vs. 3:2 payouts) that can add up quickly over the course of a couple of hands, and most definitely over the long term.

6. Choose Blackjack Games With Favorable Rules

Another thing that can kill your payouts is sitting down to blackjack tables that have unfavorable rules. As you’re well aware, there are plenty of rule variations in blackjack. The games that you want to find are the ones that allow you to:

  • Early surrender
  • Play single deck
  • Double on 3+ cards
  • Double after split
  • Draw to split aces
  • Resplit aces
  • Late surrender

Games with all of these rules aren’t available (keep dreaming, right). However, you should try to find a game with as many of these in your favor as possible.

7. Choose Casinos With Higher Deposit Bonuses

One way to receive higher payouts is to take advantage of a deposit bonus. This is a relatively easy way to pick up $100, $500 or $1,000+ in free money.

The catch here is that you will need to clear your bonus while playing blackjack (you can play something else, if you’d rather, but this is a blackjack site….). For casinos that allow you to do this their rollover requirements are pretty harsh. You’ll have to wager 10-50x as much as their standard requirements, which means you might have to wager as much as 450x your bonus. However, if you can find a casino with more relaxed requirements you can find yourself in a position to earn a nice payout.

8. Find a Casino With a Comp / VIP Program

You’re already going to be playing with real money, so you might as well be awarded for it. Many casinos will tally up each $1 or $10 you spend and give you comp points in return. After so many comp points they will award you with a $1 or $5 cash bonus. Keep in mind that blackjack players usually need to play more to earn the same bonus as slots or keno players.

The points will apply to a VIP scheme, too, if the casino has one. This can earn you prizes, bonus offers and other neat stuff. It may not be a "payout" per se, but everything you earn will have monetary value.

9. Use Basic Strategy

Basic blackjack strategy will knock the house edge from 6-9% to as little as 1-2%, depending on how good you are. That’s a 15-70% decrease, which will definitely add up over time, especially the more hands you play and money you spend.

10. Choose Blackjack Games With Lower House Edges

Simple, right. However, a lot of people play blackjack games with absurd house edges because they’d rather play a game with different rules, bonus rounds or progressive jackpots. I understand that, but if you want higher payouts you’ll need to stick to classic blackjack, blackjack switch or pontoon.