Blackjack Comp / VIP Programs

Casinos reward their players for sticking around and spending money in their casino. This comes in the form of bonuses, free spins, entries to tournaments and other prizes.

Casinos also reward their players with comp points. Players earn so many comp points for ever $1 they spend. Depending on the casino and what they have to offer, players can use those points to receive cashback, earn prizes or to boost their VIP status, which in turn can reward them with a variety of different gifts/offers.

I know what you’re thinking – where do I sign up?

Well, this is your lucky day. We’ve researched the most generous casinos and have listed them for your convenience below. You can get started today. Choose a casino, sign up and start playing. You’ll be earning comp points before you know it.

5 Questions and Answers About Casino Comp Points

Below we’ve answered the most common questions we receive about comp points.

1. Why do casinos give out comp points?

Comp points are a way to reward players. A casino might have an offer 1 point for every $1 you spend, 3 points for every $10 bet. You then save these up and spend them on whatever you want — usually cashback.

Other casinos use comp points as a way to build your VIP status. The higher your status the more rewards you’ll be awarded. VIP programs can give you 1-on-1 support, exclusive junkets, exclusive bonus offers, cashback (which increases as you move up), free spins and more.

Ultimately, casinos give comp points to keep players around. To give them an incentive to play more.

2. How do you get more comp points?

There’s not a whole lot you can do to earn more comp points. The casinos have their rates fixed. That said, there are a couple simple things you can try.

  • Play more. The more you play the more you earn.
  • Double or triple points offers. Many casinos will have double or triple points promotions. You have to play on a specific day or at a specific time and you’ll earn 2-3x as many points.
  • Avoid handicapped games. Many casinos handicap their table games, including blackjack, baccarat, craps and video poker, from being able to earn points as quickly as slots, keno or bingo players. Although our audience is primarily blackjack players, you’ll earn points faster playing slot machines.
  • Move up in VIP tiers. There are VIP programs that give players multipliers for moving up in levels. For example, if you were on the first level you might earn points at the rate of 1:1. However, by moving up a tier you might now earn them at the rate of 2:1.

With the exception of double or triple points, it pretty much comes down to playing more hands or games.

3. Are Online Comp Points Similar to Brick and Mortar Comp Points?

The idea is the same. You spend money, are given points and can use the points to buy neat stuff.

The difference is only in what you earn. In a brick and mortar casino you can earn free or reduced price buffets, shows, hotel rooms and other amenities. Online the best "prize" is usually cashback.

4. Do Casinos Prohibit Blackjack Players From Earning Comp Points

In my experience that’s hit or miss. There are some casinos that do not let blackjack players take part in any promotion.

However, there are casinos that have no restrictions on their comp points whatsoever. That makes sense, too. You’ve already spent the money, so why would you be excluded or have to do anything special to earn these points?

There are some casinos that make it harder for blackjack players to earn comp points. Instead of earning 3 points for ever $10 bet, blackjack players might only earn 1 point for every $10 bet. That means it will take them 3x as long to earn the same rewards as a slots player. Casinos, like Bovada, have that 3 points per $10 bet rule in place. But they only pay players 1 point for every $25 bet in single and double deck blackjack. So sometimes it’s the specific variation that will make a difference.

5. How Do I Redeem My Comp Points

That depends on the casino and what they have to offer.

In the case of cashback for comp point offers, it will be hit or miss as to whether or not you’ll need to request your cashback. Some casinos, like Bovada, pay their players like clockwork each week for their points. However, I’ve come across casinos that require you to fill out a form or hit a ‘redeem’ button in the player backend of the casino software.

When it comes to VIP comp points you’ll most definitely need to redeem your points on your own. To do that you’ll visit the VIP section of the casino and choose what you want to spend your points on. Then buy it. It will almost be like spending money except that you’re spending your points instead.

In no way will you find redeeming your comp points hard, though. It should be self explanatory, and if not, the casino support staff should be able to help you get it figured out.