Online Blackjack Australia

Australian BlackjackEvery country or state shares the same challenge; trying to find a legit, fun and promotion filled casino to join. However, one casino that is great for players in the United States might not be so great for players in Australia. You have special wants and needs unlike other countries, which will limit the number of casinos you can play at.

We understand this. So to save you the trouble of hours of research, emailing and talking to friends, we’ve already gone through and reviewed the top blackjack casinos for Australia. You can take your pick from the list below.

The Aussie Guide to Real Money Blackjack for Australian Players

For most of us, the entire point to gambling is to have a good time. To escape the 9-5s, nagging spouses or parents, enjoy the weekend or practice your favorite gambling strategy. At no point should your experience be stressful.

That said, part of that responsibility falls on your shoulders, at least in the beginning of the process when you choose the casino you want to play at. If you don’t choose the right casino you’ll have a sucky time. And although opinions, needs and wants will vary from one Aussie to the next, there are 7 universal things that make up sucky casinos. Here are those things and what you should do to avoid them.

1. Currency Conversions Suck

One thing that all sucky casinos have in common is that they don’t you play in AUD. You’re forced to play in USD, Euro, pound or whatever else the casino has.

The problem with this is when you convert the AUD to USD, Euro or pound, your money isn’t going to go as far. Right now you’ll lose as much as .40 percent of your deposit, which means fewer hands or spins that you get to play.

2. Bogus Blackjack Terms Suck

Another surefire sign of a crappy casino is one that lets you play blackjack to clear their bonus, however, they drastically change the terms. In other words, instead of having to wager 25x the deposit plus bonus (50x overall) like you would for slots, the casino will reduce the value of every dollar you spend by 80-98 percent.

What this means for you is that you’ll have to wager 10-50x as much. Think about that for a second. A 500x rollover on a typical $1,000 bonus is half-a-freakin-million dollars. Why would anyone sign up for that?

The best blackjack casinos will either have better (initial) terms, higher reduced value or both.

3. A Lack of Blackjack Games Suck

If you’re a blackjack player, what types of games do you want to play?

Blackjack.. right?

Sucky casinos will have 2-3 blackjack variations. Maybe blackjack, Spanish 21 and European blackjack.


You know what the non-sucky blackjack casinos have? Try 7, 12 or 20+ variations to choose from. Games like Vegas downtown blackjack, Vegas strip, double exposure, multi-hand, live dealer blackjack, and a whole lot more. These are the casinos you want to try to sign up to.

4. No Live Dealer Blackjack Sucks

You want to know what gets under my skin? Casinos that don’t have live dealer games, namely blackjack. Live dealer games are just what they sound like — you are dealt cards by a person instead of software. This gives you a brick and mortar experience without having to leave your home.

You won’t find live dealer games at sucky Aussie casinos. At the best casinos, however, you’ll be able to play games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette, sic bo and variations of these games, for stakes as low as $5 or as high as $5,000.

5. No Mobile? Guess What… That Sucks, Too

There are facts — facts, mind you — that show that mobile is on the rise. That it’s set to crush desktop usage within the next couple of years (assuming it hasn’t already). That one of the most performed activities on smartphones is gaming.

So why don’t more casinos have mobile blackjack apps or optimized casinos?

Beats me. But the best casinos will have apps that you can download so you can play real money blackjack while on the go. And take it from me, it’s worth it. The graphics are amazing. They look just like the desktop versions, just miniaturized.

6. Dishonest Casinos That Take Your Money and Run Suck

Part of the initial due diligence process, before you look at the games, deposit options or bonuses, is making sure the casino is on the up and up. Why in the world would you sign up to a casino that’s known to be shady, rip off players or fix their games? I don’t think you would intentionally, unless you’re decision making skills suck.

It’s not hard to research a casino. Use our site and reviews. Ask your friends. Visit your favorite forum and ask there. Read other reviews, from actual customers if you can help it. If anything stands out, good or bad, you’re sure to see it. That alone will lead you down the path to the best places to play blackjack.

7. Withdrawal Delays Suck

One of the worst feelings you can have is to win a ton of money, only for it to takes weeks, or worse, months to reach your bank account or mailbox. It happens to all casinos once in a while. But it’s only a consistent problem for sucky casinos.

The best way to avoid this is do what I mentioned above — research. While looking the company over also look to see if anyone is complaining about not being paid or that it’s taking weeks to get paid. You’ll then know which casinos to avoid. Collecting your wins is an important part of the process; don’t be dumb and sign up to one of these sucky casinos.