Blackjack Casino Deposit / Banking Methods

Amex blackjack casinosOne of the most confusing aspects of playing blackjack online is getting your money from point A (your bank or wallet) to point B (the casino). There are several reasons why that is. One, there are tens, if not hundreds of options to use. More than that, though, are all the laws that prevent players such as Americans from using these options to make a deposit online. And you have several banking methods that are exclusive to select players and/or countries. All of these things, when combined, can make depositing online a nightmare.

Our goal with this page is to eliminate the confusion. What we have below are the most used and available deposit and withdrawal options. Each option has a summary next to it so that you can quickly find out if it’s something you can use. Then we link to a page that covers the option in more detail. So read on and see what you think. With all of this information at your disposal, being confused about blackjack banking options should become a thing of the past.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options Available to Blackjack Players

Ukash – Ukash is similar to a prepaid card. However, instead of receiving a physical card to make purchases with, you’re given a 19-digit pin number. This is handy because you don’t have a card or money to lose. Ukash is available in 55 countries and more than 400,000 locations. Thousands of websites accept Ukash for payment, including blackjack casinos like Bet365 and Roxy Palace.

PaySafeCard – This is a similar solution to Ukash. You’re given a 16-digit pin number which can be used at more than 4,000 websites and 450,000 locations all over the world. Using PaySafeCard limits how much you can lose (since you can’t lose a virtual card), provides you with anonymity and is available at more than 140 casinos. Your funds will hit your blackjack account instantly, too.

Wire Transfer – Also known as an EFT or ACH. A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of your funds directly from your bank account to the casino (or whoever you want to send money to). The upsides to a wire transfer includes being available to Americans, higher deposit/withdrawal limits and speed. Unfortunately, the flip side is total transparency; your bank and significant other(s) will know where your money is going. The fees ($30-$40) can add up, too.

Click2Pay – Click2Pay is an e-wallet. You’ll fund your ‘wallet’ with money and then use those funds to deposit to the casino of your choice. Click2Pay also lets customers spend money without having the funds in their wallet. They’ll essentially float the cash to you, with the amount depending on their rating system which is determined by your credit. You’ll make your purchase and they’ll debit your bank account a couple of days later.

Instadebit – Another e-wallet solution. The benefit to using Instadebit is that if you don’t have enough funds in your wallet to cover your blackjack deposit, they’ll pay the entire amount and debit your bank account later on. Payments are instant, your transactions are private and there are little to no fees.

Moneybookers – One of the more well-known and accepted e-wallets. Rebranded as Skrill, blackjack players can use them at all the major casinos including 888, Bet365, Roxy Palace, Casino Titan and Grand Parker. The benefits to using Moneybookers include low fees, your transactions are private and you receive your funds quickly. Moneybookers can be used for both deposits and withdrawals, too.

Neteller – Neteller is easily the most popular e-wallet for online gambling transactions. At one point they processed more than 80% off the world’s gambling merchant’s funds. Using Neteller for your blackjack exploits enables you to play privately, for high limits and to have instant access to your funds. The only downside to Neteller is that their customers are often the target of Phishing emails.

PayPal – Neteller may be the most popular e-wallet, but PayPal is (probably) the most popular e-wallet in the world. They’re known most for being the payment solution for eBay. Fortunately for select blackjack players, PayPal can be used for more than bidding on auctions online. You can use it to fund your blackjack games, too. Depositing with PayPal will mean instantly available funds and discreet transactions.

Giropay – German based Giropay is a company that completes payments directly from the customer’s bank account, versus having them fund an e-wallet. The service allows their customers to shop online without having to worry about having a credit card with enough room on it. And some people don’t have credit cards or want to punch their information in online. Keep in mind that if you use Giropay you’ll likely have to create a Moneybookers (Skrill) account, too.

iDeal – iDeal is identical to Giropay, except for Dutch players. If you plan to use this option you’ll need to have an account at one of ten banks, which we list here. The upside to using iDeal is that your funds are available instantly and you don’t have to keep track of additional accounts, usernames and passwords.

(Instant) eCheck – This is identical to writing a paper check, except that it’s virtual or electronic. An Instant eCheck is a good solution for players that want to fund their accounts directly from their bank accounts, but without having to have or use a credit or debit card. These can be used for withdrawals, too. The downside, depending on who you are, is that your purchases are transparent. Anyone with access to your account will know where your funds are coming and going.

Visa – Visa is the most common deposit method. It’s available at 99.9 percent of online casinos. On the upside funds deposited with Visa are available instantly. US players can use Visa to deposit, too. Unfortunately, they have to deal with frequent declines as banks try to comply with federal and local laws. But if you can get it to work it’s the best method to use.

MasterCard – MasterCard is a common deposit method, too, only taking a backseat to Visa. It shares the same up and downsides. In addition to the downsides, MasterCard cannot be used for withdrawals. Other than that players won’t see much of a difference between the two options.

Credit Card – This page serves as more or less of a hub for all the credit card pages on our site. In addition we explain why credit cards are beneficial to use to fund your blackjack account. We also explain the few reasons why they leave players, namely Americans, frustrated.

American Express (Amex) – American Express completes the trio of popular credit/debit cards accepted online. Amex isn’t as commonly accepted as Visa or MasterCard. So you might be better off using one of the other methods, if possible. However, if you do have to use Amex then you can be happy knowing it shares all the same upsides, including instantly available funds, high limits and no fees.

Western Union – Western Union is a service that’s nearly identical to MoneyGram. US players will want to keep them in mind, either to use as a primary deposit option or as a backup in case their current option, probably a debit/credit card, is declined. This is a safe solution, and much more private than using anything from your bank i.e. credit cards, debit cards, wire/bank transfers, etc.

POLi – POLi is identical to Giropay and iDeal, except that it’s for players from Australia and New Zealand. This service enables you to make payments directly from your bank account without the need for wire/bank transfers, checks or credit/debit cards. Keep in mind that some casinos will require you to have a Skrill account, too, to use this service.

WebMoney – WebMoney is an e-wallet solution comparable with the likes of PayPal, Neteller and Moneybookers. They allow customers to have multiple “purses” in different currencies. It’s very easy and fast to start a WebMoney account. You can start one in minutes, and quickly follow it up with a deposit to your preferred blackjack casino. WebMoney is great because it adds an additional layer of privacy and it has small fees.

EntroPay – EntroPay is a virtual prepaid card that’s branded by Visa. This makes it a great option to use because you can use it anywhere EntroPay, prepaid or Visa cards are accepted. That leaves the doors pretty wide open as to where you can play. Your transactions will also be kept private, EntroPay has competitive fees and your funds should be available to you instantly.