Neteller Online Blackjack Casinos

Neteller blackjack casinosNeteller is the most widely used e-wallet in the world. Well, they’re close at least. They’re competing with the likes of PayPal and Skrill. But in terms of the gambling industry I think they deserve the crown.

The idea behind Neteller is to give users the ability to shop online in private. You can fund your Neteller account using sources like your bank, debit card, bank deposits and other methods. Once funded, you can shop anywhere online that Neteller is accepted. With the Neteller Net+ Prepaid MasterCard, you can shop anywhere that accepts MasterCard as a payment method. This, of course, includes the majority of online casinos, poker rooms and sports books.

Unfortunately, Americans won’t be able to use Neteller. At one time US players made up the majority of Neteller’s user base. That’s when they processed 80% of the world’s gambling merchant’s funds. But they left the US market in 2007, undoubtedly due to the passing of the UIGEA. Players from Hong Kong, Israel, Macau and Canada won’t be able to use Neteller to fund their blackjack accounts either.

Everyone else, however, can use the following as a guide to choosing the best blackjack casinos that accept Neteller for payment. Below that I cover how to get started, fees and pros and cons.

Casinos and Software Providers That Accept Neteller

Here are some of the top casinos and software providers that accept Neteller.


  • 32 Red
  • 888 Casino
  • Bet365 Casino
  • Roxy Palace
  • Grand Parker Casino
  • William Hill Casino
  • Party Casino
  • Onbling Casino

Software Providers

Our list here is a drop in the bucket. Take my word for it– if you want to use Neteller for your banking needs, 99.8 percent of the time you’ll never have to worry about where to play. Neteller is available everywhere.

How to Get Started with Neteller

The first step to funding your casino account is to get your Neteller account setup. This is painless to do, although it can take as long as a couple of days depending on how you choose to fund it.

What you’ll need to do is head to Neteller and create an account. This is free. You’ll give them your name, email, phone number, address, etc.

Once your account is setup you’ll want to get some money in it. You can do this using one of the following options:

The options that are available to you will depend on what country you live in.

Once the funds are in your account you can do pretty much anything with them. Deposit to your casino, transfer funds to a family member, pay someone for services, shop online, etc. It’s about the same as making purchases from your checking account, just more discreet.

How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals Using Neteller

To make a deposit using Neteller what you’ll want to do is visit the cashier section of the casino. Choose Neteller as your option.

On the next screen you’ll be asked for your Neteller Account ID and Secure ID. Then you’ll enter how much you want to deposit and hit enter. Your funds should be available instantly.

The process will be the same for withdrawals. However, you should expect withdrawals to take an hour or two to process, maybe longer, depending on the casino.

Neteller Fees

From my experience most casinos will not charge you a fee to use Neteller. This will vary, so be sure to double check before signing up to a casino.

There will be fees for using Neteller, though.

For example, depending on the method you use to fund your Neteller account you will be charged 0-8 percent. For withdrawals you’ll be charged 0-25 euros. This is definitely on the higher end– Moneybookers’ fees are less than 2 percent and PayPal is less than 3. It’s worth it though, in my opinion at least.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using Neteller. Lets look at both now.


  • Private shopping. Once you fund your account no one will know what you’re spending your money on. All anyone can see from your bank account is that you’re funding Neteller. So unless someone has access to your Neteller account, no one will be the wiser.
  • Widely accepted. Neteller is an accepted payment online for your day-to-day shopping, as well as all the major online casinos, poker rooms, bingo halls and sports books.
  • High limits. You can deposit and withdraw in excess of $20,000 at the larger online casinos.
  • Instant access. Once you click submit your blackjack bankroll should be funded immediately.
  • Prepaid card. I’d prefer a general debit / credit MasterCard, like the one I have from PayPal. But the prepaid cards works the same. Just fund your Neteller account and use the card wherever MasterCard is accepted. The fees are low, too, so it might make sense for you to use the card instead of transferring your winnings to your bank account.


  • Phishing target. Like PayPal and Paysafecard, Neteller is often a target of phishing. What will happen is that a hacker will scrap current customer’s emails, then email them asking them to confirm their account details. They’ll send the users to a fake website that looks like it belongs to Neteller. When that person logs in the hacker will log all their data which they will later use to take advantage of the account.

Overall, there aren’t too many disadvantages to Neteller. It’s easily one of the best options for blackjack players to use.