Ukash Blackjack Casinos

ukash blackjack casinosUkash is virtual money, sort of like a prepaid card. Instead of a card, though, you’re given a 19-digit pin number. You can use this at online casinos, to play games online, or to shop at over 140 stores online. Ukash can be used for anything from casinos to internet connection, dating, finances and games. Ukash has been providing this service for about 8 years now. You can buy pins from over 420,000 locations, as well as directly from their website.

Unfortunately, they’re another payment method that US players cannot use for playing blackjack online, much less buy and use elsewhere — like to shop online or pay for services. That’ll be more evident when you see what casinos and software providers accept Ukash.

Best Online Casinos and Software Providers That Accept Ukash


Software Providers

  • Playtech
  • Microgaming
  • IGT
  • Evolution
  • Cryptologic

Notice anything?

Look closer…

Not one of those casinos accept US players. Neither do casinos on those software platforms.

How to Get Started with Ukash

Getting started with Ukash is a simple process.

The first step is to buy a Ukash voucher. You can buy them in 5 continents and more than 55 countries. The quickest way to find a location that sells them is to visit the Get Ukash page at their website and plug-in your address. They’ll give you a list of places to go. Another option is to buy them online from their website, or from any store that has a PayPoint or Payzone terminal.

The maximum that you can purchase in any given day is 5 Ukash codes at 200 GBP each (or the equivalent in another currency). The most you can have at any time is 1000 GBP.

How to Make a Deposit and Withdrawal Using Ukash

The deposit process is straightforward. What you’ll need to do is visit the deposit section and click on Ukash. A screen will pop up asking you for your 19-digit code and how much you want to deposit. Enter your information, hit submit and you’re all done.

It is possible to combine or split your vouchers, too. Either option will require that you log-in to your Ukash account (you’ll need to create an account if you haven’t already) and there will be a tool for each option; a combine or split tool. Once you complete either/or one of the options, you’ll have a new code (or codes) sent to you via email. You can then take that code to the casino to use it.

Ukash can also be used for withdrawals. The process will be the opposite of making a deposit. You’ll choose Ukash, how much you want to withdrawal and hit submit. The casino will send you your voucher details by email. Keep in mind, however, that the casino may want to send you your deposit using another method like Neteller or Moneybookers first, if it’s an option that you’ve used in the past. This will vary from casino to casino, though.

UKash Fees

There won’t be a fee at the majority of casinos to use Ukash for depositing or withdrawing your funds. However, keep in mind that this will vary.

Ukash doesn’t charge a fee for using their service, either, so long as you make a purchase to one of the vendors mentioned on their website.

You’ll want to make sure to use your balance up before the ‘use by date.’ Otherwise the pin will be invalid (unusable). You’ll still be able to ask for a refund, though. If you request a refund within 12 months there is a 10% penalty on the balance. After 12 months it’s 15%.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are several advantages and disadvantages to using Ukash. Lets look at the good stuff first.


  • No card to carry around. There is no chance of losing a card, and any money that may be on it.
  • Ukash allows you to remain anonymous. No one will know that you’re funding your casino account, buying shoes or whatever else you like to do online. It’s all kept private.
  • Ukash clears quickly. It’s similar to an actual prepaid, debit or credit card. So you shouldn’t have to wait a long time for your deposit to clear.
  • Availability. You can buy Ukash from more than 400,000 different locations worldwide, as well as online from their website. Ukash is accepted as payment at thousands of websites.
  • No fees. Neither the casino (more than likely) or Ukash will charge you a fee to use your card.


There are some disadvantages, too, including:

  • Scams. Like Paysafecard, Ukash is a target for hackers. They’ll create a website that looks like Ukash, then find and email Ukash account holders. They’ll tell them to visit the (fake) website, log-in and enter their pin numbers to verify their vouchers. What they’re really doing is collecting this information so they can go back and steal your money. You’ll want to learn what safety precautions that Ukash takes, as well as what they put into their emails. That way if a suspicious email shows up you will just delete it.
  • Americans cannot use Ukash. Not for gambling, not for anything.