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Blackjack And Brews At The Linq

The Linq is across the street from Caesars Palace and has become a destination for many visitors to Las Vegas. The area used to be an alley in-between Flamingo and Imperial Palace. The promenade offers restaurants, bars, and shopping all leading to the High Roller observation wheel. The area is almost always crowded and lively […]

Blackjack To Remain Exclusively With Seminole Casinos In Florida

There certainly is a lot of drama with blackjack in Florida. In late 2016, a judge ruled that Florida Casinos Can Offer Blackjack Until 2030. That was swiftly met with a lawsuit by the state which had hopes of expanding casino gambling. Well, that suit has ended with an agreement that will allow Seminole Tribe […]

Get Started Counting Cards At Blackjack

One of the reasons blackjack has become such a popular casino game is that it has a low house edge. Even the worst blackjack games have a smaller house edge than other games in a casino. Of course, the small house edge in blackjack is based on perfect play. Playing with basic strategy provides the player with […]

Don’t Make These Common Blackjack Basic Strategy Mistakes

Throughout the year I practice gambling skills to keep sharp in some games while learning how to play some other games. While practicing blackjack for an upcoming vacation I noticed that I kept making the same mistake as I have for my entire life. I never hit a soft 18 against 9 or 10. I […]

Video Blackjack Is Becoming Worse And More Popular At The Same Time

Video blackjack is an electronic table game version of blackjack. These are the blackjack machines with the large video screens located on the slot floor and near the table games. This kind of blackjack game has become popular, in part, with casinos and players because there isn’t a human dealer. Casinos can offer a game with […]

Does Your Seat At The Blackjack Table Matter?

Mathematically, where you sit at the blackjack table won’t affect the house edge. Regardless of where a player sits at the table, the casino has the same advantage over time. In the short term, you might see some specific moves that change the outcome but that tends to even out over time. Having said that […]

New Blackjack Variant: Jack Jack

Jack Casino in Cincinnati, OH just made a new variation of blackjack available. The new game is called Jack Jack. You heard me right, this is Jack Jack blackjack only at Jack Casino in Cincinnati, OH. Upon release, the game wasn’t available at other casinos including Jack Casino in Cleveland, OH. The basic game of […]

Looking For Something New? Maybe Zombie Blackjack Is For You

Blackjack is the most popular game in casinos today and gaming manufacturers want to keep it that way. Casinos are changing the rules of the blackjack to increase their edge and generate more revenue while reducing the fun of the game for many players. Gaming manufacturers are looking to help casino operators increase revenue a […]

Poolside Blackjack And Swim Up Blackjack In Las Vegas

The summer is here and that means it’s time to hit the pool. One of the great amenities offered to gamblers in Las Vegas over the years has been outdoor blackjack. Most casinos offer poolside blackjack and a few even offer swim-up blackjack where you actually play while in the pool. Playing blackjack outside is one […]

Getting Started With Basic Strategy For Blackjack

Learning and perfecting basic strategy is a must for anyone who wants to play blackjack. The house edge you see posted for certain blackjack games is based on playing with perfect basic strategy. Not playing blackjack perfectly will increase the house edge for the casino. Not only does playing blackjack with perfect basic strategy give you […]