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6 Blackjack Myths Every Blackjack Player Should Know

Blackjack is unlike any other game in a casino. For some reason, players are always willing to offer advice. There’s no other game where a new player can sit down at a table and receive help on the right moves to make. The help usually comes from the right place of wanting to bring a […]

The Cromwell Improves Gaming With 3:2 Blackjack

Unlike many casinos on the Vegas Strip, The Cromwell recently added a slew of player friendly games. Most casinos on the Vegas Strip have been consistently downgrading their gaming over the past five years or so. Most blackjack games on the Vegas Strip that have a minimum bet under $25 will only pay 6:5 for […]

New Blackjack Game: Easy Jack

We’re always on the lookout for new and different ways to play blackjack. We prefer casino blackjack games that have a low house edge when possible. Sometimes we have to settle for a different kind of blackjack game that might not be in a casino. One of the newest blackjack variants to hit casinos is […]

Sands Bethlehem Now Offering Live Dealer Blackjack Stadium Gaming

Sands Bethlehem recently revealed a new Live Dealer Stadium Blackjack game. This is a hybrid of live blackjack and video stadium blackjack. Live Dealer Blackjack Stadium Gaming allows multiple players to sit at one touchscreen that connects two live blackjack tables at once. Players view live outcomes from each available game on their own screen. […]

Battlejack Is A Blackjack Fantasy RPG For Mobile Devices

Make no mistake about it, casino blackjack is the best kind of blackjack. However, it’s fun to find blackjack games randomly pop up in real life. Battlejack is one of those occasions where blackjack pops up in an unexpected place. You won’t risk life and limb playing Battlejack like you might playing Resident Evil 7. […]

Get To Know Blackjack Tournaments

Playing a normal blackjack game in a casino is different than playing in a blackjack tournament. Some elements of the game are the same but there are differences. Playing against the casino brings different gameplay and strategy than playing in a tournament. This difference is felt in every aspect of tournament blackjack. Remembering that you’re […]

It May Take A Little Work To Find The Best Blackjack Games

Good blackjack isn’t always good and bad blackjack isn’t always bad. That probably makes little sense to most of you. Let me explain. First of all, this wouldn’t have even been a topic for a blog post five years ago. Blackjack players by nature are always looking for the best rules in the casino for […]

Blackjack And Brews At The Linq

The Linq is across the street from Caesars Palace and has become a destination for many visitors to Las Vegas. The area used to be an alley in-between Flamingo and Imperial Palace. The promenade offers restaurants, bars, and shopping all leading to the High Roller observation wheel. The area is almost always crowded and lively […]

Blackjack To Remain Exclusively With Seminole Casinos In Florida

There certainly is a lot of drama with blackjack in Florida. In late 2016, a judge ruled that Florida Casinos Can Offer Blackjack Until 2030. That was swiftly met with a lawsuit by the state which had hopes of expanding casino gambling. Well, that suit has ended with an agreement that will allow Seminole Tribe […]

Get Started Counting Cards At Blackjack

One of the reasons blackjack has become such a popular casino game is that it has a low house edge. Even the worst blackjack games have a smaller house edge than other games in a casino. Of course, the small house edge in blackjack is based on perfect play. Playing with basic strategy provides the player with […]