Flash Casinos with Blackjack

Online Casinos with FlashMore and more casinos are adding Flash games as an alternative to their downloads. Not everyone wants to download a huge file of games they’ll never play. And for some players, like Mac and Linux users, they couldn’t download the software even if they wanted to.

So now that most casinos have Flash (or Java) games, it can be difficult to choose which one to sign up to. So we went ahead and did the work for you. We’ve already researched and found the best Flash casinos in terms of games, banking and promotions. You’ll find them listed below.

8 Facts About Online Flash Casinos

Not everyone is familiar with online gambling, Flash or Flash casinos. So we thought it’d be helpful to post some facts about it all here.

1. Flash Casinos are Convenient

You might be wondering why you should play Flash games, especially if you’re using Windows or have found a Mac download.

The simple answer – Flash casinos are convenient.

With Flash games you can play from any computer with internet access. You don’t have to worry about having to have the casinos’ software downloaded.

You also don’t (always) need to have an account created if you’re playing for free, either, nor do you have to cycle through hundreds of games that you’re not going to play since there are fewer games available.

2. You Need Adobe Flash

To play at a Flash casino you need to have Adobe Flash installed on your computer. Chances are that you already have it installed, whether you realize it or not. That’s because so many websites and applications use Flash to run.

However, if you don’t have Adobe Flash just do a Google search or visit their website using this link [Source:  http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/]. You can download it for free.

3. Fewer Games are Available in Flash Casinos

Flash casinos have fewer games available. For example, a download casino that has 100 games available may only have 40-60 games available in their Flash casino. From my experience the most common games to be cut are the lesser popular variants. But all the standard casino games (slots, roulette, classic blackjack, etc) are available. Depending on what you like to play this may or may not matter to you.

4. Flash Casinos are Compatible with the Major Operating Systems

Adobe Flash is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. You’ll want to visit their website to make sure your specific OS is available.

Adobe Flash is also compatible with several versions of the Android operating system. That means you could play Flash games on your phone or tablet.

5. Flash Games are Available for Both Real and Fake Money

Flash casinos are available to both real money and fake money players. The table limits, bonuses and side bets are all the same as the download games.

In fact, if you intend to play for free, many casinos won’t even ask that you create an account. Bovada is one example of this. Just visit their site, click their Flash casino, choose your game and hit start. This is a great way to quickly test a casino to see if you like it or not.

6. US Players Can Play at Flash Casinos

There are Flash casinos that accept American players. Note that we say accept, not whether or not it’s legal.

Bovada is one example of a US accepting Flash casino.

7. It’s Easy to Start Playing at Flash Casinos

It’s incredibly easy to start playing at a Flash casino. Even if you’re not a techie. Just follow these steps.

  • Using our reviews and toplists, choose a Flash casino.
  • Visit the casino. Click create an account.
  • Create your account. You’ll give the casino your email, name, number and address. This info is required to play for real money.
  • Verify your account.
  • Log-in to your account. Make a deposit.
  • Choose a game and play.

You can get started within minutes from any computer.

8. Casinos Prefer You Use the Download (or So We Hear)

I’ve read on other information websites that (some) casinos actually prefer that you download their software versus play at their Flash casino.

The reason why is because the download creates a shortcut icon on your desktop. The theory is that a desktop icon will remind you of the casino, and will prompt you to play more. This theory was backed up by the fact that many casinos make their Flash casino harder to find.

This makes sense…. kind of. While I have seen a few casinos that make their Flash casinos harder to find, plenty of casinos do not. So you can’t be sure whether that’s done intentionally or if it’s just a design flaw. Not only that, but these casinos could make a download of their casino whenever they wanted for Mac operating systems (poker rooms have done it for the last couple of years). So if they really wanted you to have a shortcut icon on your desktop, you’d think that they’d do away with Flash casinos and offer nothing but downloads.

So is it true? That’s hard to say. But it’s an interesting thought nonetheless.