Mac Blackjack

Mac Casino BlackjackIt used to be that Mac blackjack casinos were hard to come by. Casinos only made blackjack software for PC users, leaving Mac users either totally in the cold or scrambling to find an emulator.

Nowadays, finding a casino with a Mac solution isn’t hard at all. Most have them. So that’s becoming less of a variable or requirement, allowing players to focus on more important variables like casino safety, deposit options and games.

Below you’ll find a list of our recommended Mac blackjack casinos. Further below you can learn more about how to get started on your Mac, what options you have and mobile solutions.

How to Play Blackjack on Your Mac

There are 4 ways to play blackjack on your Mac.

1. No download / Flash

It might be close, but I think this is the solution that most online casinos provide. Instead of offering a complete download, they host their games on their site using Flash or Java. All you need to get started is an internet connection, Flash or Java installed onto your computer, a player’s account and funds in your account. Whenever you want to play, you visit the site (through your browser), login and start playing.


The upside to no download or Flash based blackjack games is that if you only want to play blackjack, you don’t have to download all the other unnecessary files to your computer. You don’t need to bog it down with a complete download. You can also play from any computer you want.

The downside is that no flash casinos usually have fewer games compared to their download. The graphics aren’t as good, either.

2. Download

Another option is to download the casinos’ software to your computer. More and more casinos are starting to offer this solution to players. It’ll install like any other program, so it should only take a couple of minutes depending on your internet connection.

If you like to play other games than just blackjack, this would be the ideal solution. Downloads will come with all the games the casinos offer, as well as have better graphics.

3. Emulator

An emulator is a program that you install on your Mac that allows you to run Windows software. Boot Camp is one choice, and is usually free with any Mac computer. Another option is iEmulator which runs about $25.

4. Dual Boot

A dual boot setup is running two (or more) operating systems on the same computer, but on different hard drives. So that means having a computer that can run both Mac and Windows programs. When you boot up your computer, you can choose which operating system you want to use.

Dual booting is harder to setup, more expensive and resource intensive. I’d only recommend this option if you know what you’re doing and/or really can get the full potential out of a dual boot setup. Otherwise one of the other options would probably work best.

Are Blackjack Sites Available on My iPad and iPhone?

Absolutely. However, they’re kind of like what Mac blackjack sites used to be like a couple of years ago — difficult to find. More and more casinos are starting to add iOS apps to their lineup as they start to realize how fast mobile usage is growing. More and more people are using their phones and tablets for everything — texting, video chat, work and even gaming.

The only issue you’ll run into is finding a casino that has an iOS app. Casinos tend to start with Android first, since that’s a bigger market with fewer restrictions. But you can bet that if a casino has an Android app, that an iOS app isn’t that far behind. They’d be ignoring too big a market otherwise.

To get started on your iphone or ipad, all you need to do is visit the mobile page of the casino you want to sign-up to. They’ll either have a download link, which will take you to the Apple store to access the download, or they’ll have a form asking for your number, country, device and game you want to play. Fill that out and they’ll send a download link to your phone. Download the game and you’ll be all set.