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Wager Gaming Blackjack

WGS Blackjack CasinosThere isn’t too much known about Wager Gaming Systems. They don’t have a website up and their business has changed a few times over the years, with previous information being pulled from the web. So here’s what we do know.

Wager Gaming Systems (WGS) was first known as Odds On Gaming. This was when they first launched in 1996. Later on, in 2003, the company merged with now defunct English Harbour Gaming Ventures. At that time the software was known as Vegas Technology.

However, English Harbour Gaming Ventures slowly faded away following what happened on the poker side of things on Black Friday. With that Vegas Technology faded away, too, and the software was later rebranded to Wager Gaming Systems.

Currently, there are only two (US accepting) casinos that use Wager Gaming Systems; Miami Club and Liberty Slots Casino. We’ve already reviewed Miami Club, so what I’m going to do below is give you a general overview of WGS’ games and the platforms you can play these games on.

Types of Blackjack Games Found on Wager Gaming Systems’ Casinos

Wager Gaming System’s software has 7 games. You’ll find European blackjack and perfect pairs at both casinos. However, US and progressive blackjack is only available at Liberty Slots.

Here are the games available and their rules.

Classic Blackjack

This uses the same rules as the European blackjack game.

Perfect Pairs

  • Perfect Pairs is played with 4 decks.
  • Dealer stands on hard/soft 17.
  • You can split aces once.
  • Dealer peeks for blackjack with ace or 10 showing.
  • You can split up to two times, except for aces.
  • You may double on your (any) first two cards.
  • Double after splitting is allowed, except for aces.

Perfect Pairs Side Bet

  • Perfect pairs – 30:1
  • Colored pair – 10:1
  • Mixed pair – 5:1

Vegas Strip

The table limits for Vegas Strip is $1-$200.

  • Vegas Strip is played with 6 decks.
  • The dealer stands on hard/soft 17.
  • The dealer checks for blackjack with aces / 10s showing.
  • You can resplit up to 2 times, except for aces.
  • You can split aces once.
  • You can double down on any two cards.
  • Double after splitting is allowed, except for when you have aces.

European Blackjack

The table limits for European Blackjack is $1-$200.

  • European blackjack is played with 4 decks.
  • You can play up to 5 hands at once.
  • The dealer stands on hard/soft 17.
  • Blackjack pays 3:2.

Downtown Blackjack

The table limits for Downtown Blackjack is $2-$500.

  • The game is played with 8 decks.
  • The dealer peeks for blackjack.
  • The dealer stands on hard 17.
  • You can double on any (first) two cards.
  • You can split your hand(s) twice, except for when you have aces.
  • You automatically win with a 6-card hand that doesn’t bust (6-card Charlie).
  • You can surrender after your initial cards are dealt.

US Blackjack

No rules available.

Progressive Blackjack

The Progressive Blackjack game has a table limit of $2-$200 per hand, plus $1 for the progressive. It uses the same rules as their European Blackjack game.

Here are the payouts for the progressive jackpot.

  • 4 aces, same suit: 100% of pot
  • 4 aces, any suit: 10% of pot
  • 3 aces, same suit: $2500
  • 3 aces, any suit: $250
  • 2 aces, same suit: $50
  • 2 aces, any suit: $25

In addition to these games, blackjack tournaments run on occasion, too. 

Wager Gaming Systems’ Software

Wager Gaming System’s software is available in one of two ways – download or Flash. The download didn’t want to work for me at Miami Club, but it works just fine at Liberty Slots. The download is only compatible with Windows operating systems.

To learn more about their games I used the Flash casino. This is compatible to any user with Flash installed to their Mac, Windows or Linux operating system.

You’ll notice that not all of their (blackjack) games are available in the Flash casino. In both casinos Perfect Pairs was available in the download only. And it appears that the US blackjack is available in the download only, too, or possibly in the real money section. I didn’t see it otherwise.

In addition to their blackjack games you’ll have 60 or 150 additional games to play. I say 60 or 150 because they say both on their website. In either case, you’ll have plenty of options – 3-7 blackjack games, progressives, slots, video poker and roulette. Everything you’d find in a brick and mortar casino.

The Wager Gaming Systems software also has VIP programs, which both casinos use. However, the program is different at each casino, with Liberty Slots being by far the most generous. For every $100 you spend there, you’ll earn 30-45 comp points playing blackjack. However, you’ll only earn 4-1 at Miami Club. It’s far easier to earn each VIP tier at Liberty Slots, too, with exception for the highest tier, which is 1 million points at both casinos.

Overall, the games and software look pretty good. My only gripe at this point is not having a mobile or live dealer option. It’d be nice if Miami Club’s VIP program was more competitive, too, although their welcome bonus ($800) clearly outshines Liberty Slots ($100). So I suppose it’s a wash.